Kaleidoscopes of Africa is a show of my watercolors, paper collages, etchings, and woodcuts. The inspiration for the artwork was my trips to Africa. Most of my etchings and woodcuts focus on two pastoral groups from Kenya: the Samburu and the Gabbra. In northern Togo we visited a funeral which resulted in the creation of “Celebration”, a paper collage piece. The next group of paintings is from northern Namibia and focuses on the Caprivians and Kavangos. In Zambia we viewed the Makishi dancers. Mali has a rich heritage of people from markets and mosques to deserts. I have tried to capture the unique beauty, the vivid color, the movement, and the moods that make the nobility of each individual culture stand out. My figurative images depict life of indigenous cultures that record primitive life with an ethnological perspective. The simple dignity of mankind stimulates me to share my impressions visually.